hash miningLarry Lane has an extensive preaching background having served as a senior pastor for 28 years. His heart is burdened for the condition of the Church in the West and her need of revival. His preaching ministry focuses on revival, repentance and renewal, instructing and exhorting the body of Christ. Drawing from over thirty years of pastoral ministry and extensive research into revival history, Larry brings time-tested, Biblical messages, with fresh insights and applications. Find a sample of his preaching below. Click on the link to schedule a time to talk directly with Larry or request speaking dates.

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  • Passing Faith’s Baton: We are losing the next generation. What does the Bible say about passing the faith on to the next generation and what does that have to do with revival?
  • Getting God’s Heart for Your City: We must see and feel what God sees and feels for our communities if we are going to see a visitation from heaven. Jonah 4 provides an instructive contrast and insight into the heart of God.
  • What Season? Discerning the season the Church is in is key to knowing what message she needs. We can have the right message but if it is the wrong season, we can actually do more harm than good. From Jeremiah 1.
  • Tragic Loss: The key mark of the people of God, according to the Word of God, is the manifest presence in Her midst. An exposition of Exodus 33.
  • Revival Prayer: How to pray effectively for revival from Isaiah 26.
  • Holiness and Answered Prayer: Why are our prayers not answered? Here is one clear Biblical reason from James 5.
  • Lord Hear Our Cry: God does not hear our prayers – He hears our cries. Learn from Solomon (I Kings 8:28) about the importance of crying out to God.
  • My House Shall Be Called a House of Prayer: What is your church known for? What is central to God’s idea of a church – from Matthew 21:12-13.
  • The Danger of Deception: For nearly two millenniums, Christians considered our ability to self-deceive a great threat to spiritual vitality. The Church needs to once again discover this truth from Revelation 3:14-20.
  • Increasing Spiritual Hunger: Three practical words of wisdom to stir and sustain hunger for God.
  • Where Is Your God? This is the question society is asking us. There is a direct connection between spiritual intimacy and societal relevancy from Psalm 42.
  • What Must I Do to Be Saved? Could it be that one of our great problems is that we have churches filled with unconverted believers? A fascinating look at the role of conviction and repentance Biblically and historically compared to the contemporary salvation message.
  • By What Authority? Jesus was questioned and challenged to defend the validity of His ministry. His response turned the tables on both His inquisitors and on us.
  • When Jesus Passes By: The story of the healing of blind Bartimaeus provides an extraordinary template of the preparatory work for transforming revival.
  • What Is It We Really Seek? An exposition of the great revival Psalm 85.
  • The Fear of the Lord: Central to any genuine revival has been the fear of the Lord. What is it and why is it so absence from the Church today? From Acts 19.

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