What is the International Fellowship of Transformation Partners?

The International Fellowship of Transformation Partners is a network of servant leaders who have a heart to see God’s will and kingdom manifest in the earth.

Since 2004, the Sentinel Group has also serviced the emerging International Fellowship of Transformation Partners (IFTP), populated by catalytic individuals central to transformational efforts and on-going stories around the world.

The IFTP is a collegial fellowship of Christian servant leaders who provide oversight and operational support for existing and emerging regional transformation networks. The primary purpose of this fellowship, which operates in 20 geopolitical zones across the globe, is to bear witness to the glorious fruit of God’s transforming presence and to highlight the principles that summon it.

Over the last decade the IFTP has gathered every 12-18 months to exchange testimonies, evaluate trends, review new resources and provide mutual prayer support.

Why do we Exist?

  • As a fellowship we exist for the purpose of bearing witness to the transforming character and deeds of God in our day.
  • We exist for the purpose of inspiring, encouraging, and blessing our members, the people who gather.
  • Through this we desire to encourage and enable the larger Body of Christ to prepare the way for spiritual awakening.

For more information, visit http://www.sentinelgroup.org/ift-partners/

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