Vision | Mission

The purpose of Kingdom Catalyst is to inspire, equip, and assist the body of Christ in advancing the Kingdom of God in their communities resulting victoriabrides app hottest women on the internet in measurable community transformation.

To fulfill this mission, KC is partnering with the Sentinel Group to advance the message of transforming revival throughout the United States. George Otis, Jr., the founder of the Sentinel Group, researched nearly eight-hundred contemporary cases and two-hundred historical cases of transforming revival, looking for patterns that point to principles. He only extracted those things in common to every story. The result was a body of insights and principles we call “The Journey to Transformation.” KC provides information meetings, trainers for Discovery Weekends, and ongoing coaching for hungry believers desiring to see God move and transform their community.

Our dream is to victoriabrides app hottest women on the internet see a great transforming revival sweep through northern California (this is our “Jerusalem”) and spread to the west coast states and wherever God extends to us an open door. We see this as the only hope for the Church and our nation.

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