Discovery Weekend


Current Discovery Weekends:


 Bellingham, WA January 24-27 (to be confirmed)

Holguin, Cuba November – details to be confirmed


What is it?

Since the first Transformations video came out, people have asked over and over, “How can we have that happen here? What will it take for transformation in our community?”
After over a decade of research into God’s amazing work of transforming revival, The Sentinel Group has been able to identify specific reasons why God comes to certain communities and not to others.

The Journey to Transformation Discovery weekend is designed to assist communities in understanding what transforming revival really is, as well as what the requirements are to attract God’s transforming presence and bring the communities to a place of informed commitment.

This Stage is Divided into Four Modules:

  • The Need for Transforming Revival
  • Defining Transforming Revival
  • Preparing for Transforming Revival
  • The Cost of Transforming Revival

Why Should I Attend?

Most of us do not have an experience with true transforming revival. We may have read about it from historical accounts, or we may have seen the documentaries produced by The Sentinel Group, but we have no context in which to understand what transforming revival looks like and how it feels to be in the midst of revival. The Journey to Transformation Discovery Stage is designed to inform, challenge, and prepare us to answer the hard questions of what it will take to have transformation happen in our communities.

What Will I Learn?

Beginner’s Course Outline

Day One

The Need for Transforming Revival

  • Tempered Concerns ~ What Motivates Change?
  • Navigating a World of Hurt ~ Adjusting Our Perspective
  • Spiritual Homesickness ~ The Need for Identity

Day Two

Defining Transforming Revival

  • What is This We Seek? ~ Defining Our Objective
  • Going Through Phases ~ The

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    Process of Transformation

  • Sovereignty, Faith & Obedience ~ Demystifying Revival

Day Three

Preparing for Transforming Revival

  • Planning vs. Preparing ~ Adopting a Biblical Approach
  • Tipping Revival ~ Positioning Ourselves for Success
  • The Problem with Incrementalism ~ Developing a Sense of Urgency

The Cost of Transforming Revival

  • Defeating Distraction ~ Maintaining Single-Minded Focus
  • Abandoned to the Cause ~ Attracting God’s Presence
  • Calendars and Promises ~ Shifting from Hope to Expectancy


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